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Bedroom decorating ideas for girls who love to sew
Bedroom Decorating Ideas
For Girls Who Like to Sew

When I was a teenager, I had very little money for decorating my bedroom. So for my 14th birthday I asked for a fabric-allowance instead of gifts. With the money I bought matching fabric for sewing a bedspread, decorative pillows and curtains.

My decorated bedroom ended up being not only charming but a reflection of myself. So if you know a girl with a proclivity for home decorating, see if she would like to redecorate her bedroom with simple sewing projects.
The Principal of Sewing Girl's Bedroom Decor
Bedroom decorations make ideal sewing projects for teens because the principal is very simple. Basically, the girl will be sewing a huge pillowcase for her blanket and smaller one’s for her pillow. That requires two layers of fabric laid one on top of the other with the pretty side facing inwardly. By hemming 3 sides together, an inside out pillow case is formed.

As to sewing curtains, these are easier in that only one layer of fabric is required. Girls then hem the fabric all around, making the top hem extra wide, so as to thread the curtain poll through it.
Sewing the Girl's Bedroom Bedspread
Sewing a bedspread by hand is time-consuming, but it also offers a beginner the chance to practice sewing. I chose a pattered fabric for the front of my bedspread and a solid one for the back. Since the fabric wasn’t wide enough, I sewed two sections together, folded the fabric in half, then cut the borders to fit the size of my blanket.

Though I started sewing my bedspread by hand, I quickly gave up and asked my Mom to help me use her sewing machine. Finally, because I didn’t know how to make button holes, I sewed silk ribbons all along the fourth side of the bedspread, to close it once my blanket was inside.
Sewing the Girl's Bedroom Decorative Pillows
I sewed my decorative bedroom pillows from a single fabric, sewing two in the patterned fabric, and two in the solid one. To get the measurements right, I folded the fabric in half, then placed the pillow over the fabric and cut all around.

Because this was a sewing project for a teenager, I had to add a little girly fun. I inserted a beautiful tassel fringe in the seam on 3 sides. For the 4th side, I sewed the fringe but kept the pillow case open, so I could slip the pillow in and out. Once more I sewed silk ribbons with which to knot the case closed.
Sewing the Girl’s Bedroom Curtain
I wanted the curtain to let in light, so I chose a slightly see-through fabric. It had the same colors as the bed fabrics, but different floral patterns. I measured the length from my window to the floor and cut the fabric with 15 inches to spare.

I had to sew two sections of fabric together so the window curtains will be wide enough. Then I hemmed the fabric all around, with a 10 inch hem on the top, through which I threaded the curtain poll.
Of all my teenage sewing projects at the time, decorating my bedroom was the most memorable and fun. My girlfriends were soon bit by the same bug, and we all ended up sewing our girl’s bedroom decorations ourselves.

Questions? Comments? Drop me a line.

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