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Bedroom Relaxation Makeover

Bedroom Decorating for Soothing Your Senses

Your bedroom may be the most important room in your home. You wake up to it every morning and spend one third of your time sleeping there. If you fail to relax after a long hard day, you will likely spend your night tossing and turning. But what if your bedroom could become your private sanctuary, where you could forget your troubles and relax? Whether you are married and sharing your room with your spouse, or single and not sharing it at all, there are things you can do to turn your bedroom into your favorite room in the house.

Choose a Theme

Think of a photograph or a place that makes you feel relaxed, then keep that image in your mind as you start planning your new room. It can be a snowy mountaintop flecked with clouds, or a lush green forest with a stream running through the trees. Whatever your inspiration, in the end, your choices will have captured its spirit, so that your bedroom will make you feel as that picture or place always do.

Color Is All-Important

Plain white walls have no character and will leave you feeling empty and indifferent. Earth tones, on the other hand, make you feel warm, while blues and greens make you feel cool. Home improvement stores have free color coordinating postcards in their paint section. Pick up a few and take them home. Once you are in your room, choose the colors that capture the place that inspires you. If you find it hard to decide, some paint companies sell small pouches of paint, to enable you to paint a small section of the wall. However, the more affordable paints offer no such solution, and so it is best to simply lie on your bed, hold the color swatches up, and use your imagination. There are no right or wrong answers, and it’s always possible to repaint a wall that doesn’t meet your expectations.

Wall Design and Texture

You can paint your walls all the same color, or you can pick an accent wall and give it a different color from the rest. If you prefer to color in patterns, you can use three different colors at the same time and pat them onto the wall with a sea sponge, a plastic bag or even a crumpled aluminum foil. Each of these will create a different pattern when it blends the three colors together. For a striped effect, paint the wall once and let it dry, then paint it again with a different color and use a wide comb to form a pattern of streaks that reveal the base color. Have fun with the patterns you draw.

Don’t Forget the Ceiling

In a bedroom, especially, the ceiling gets stared at a lot. If you have a tray ceiling, paint the layers in different colors, to add elegance and accentuate the architectural beauty. If you have a flat ceiling, and especially a low one, painting a faux tray ceiling will create the illusion that the ceiling is higher, and the room more spacious. Just draw three large rectangles on your ceiling, one inside the other.

(If the ceiling is not a rectangle then adapt your shape to the shape of the ceiling.) After this, paint in the three areas created by the rectangles using three different colors, so as to create a two-dimensional illusion. Make sure to use the lightest color on the central triangle, as this will give the added illusion that the ceiling is higher than it is. (Read the full instructions on creating a faux tray ceiling.)

Hang a Candelabra over Your Bed
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