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Blissful Home Aroma Ideas

How to scent your home without candles

Aromatic flowers can fill a room with the smell of summer, even in mid-winter. A Water fountain will purify the air by releasing negative ions, giving your home the fragrance of a mountain stream. Scented sprays will freshen upholstery and curtains, while fresh baked breads and cakes will give your home aroma a homey, welcoming feel. So here are five blissful home aroma ideas that are cheap and quick, and will give your home an alluring scent unique to itself.

Water Fountain Air Purifiers

Water fountains will do more than fill your home with a soothing sound. As the water runs, the water drops shatter and release negative ions into the air. These in turn attract particles of dust, which cleans the air, lending your overall home aroma the freshness of mountain air. Learn more about Kinetic water fountains and where to find affordable water fountains to improve your home's scent in this article.

Cut Flowers

Flowers sold in stores quite often look beautiful but have no scent. And yet, until you place a scented bouquet in your home, you will not know what you're missing. A bouquet of scented roses, for example, can spread the scent of a summer garden even through an open floor plan.

For home aroma in addition to beauty, look for flowers at florist shops or farmer's markets instead of supermarkets or discount retail stores. And choose strong scented flowers like roses, honeysuckle, gardenia or Lily for a permeating home aroma. And if you are ordering flowers from online stores, be sure to choose the fragrant bouquets.

Refresh Upholstery and Curtains

Overtime upholstery and curtains collect dust and turn your home aroma stale and stuffy. To freshen them up between spring cleanings, use scented sprays specially formulated to kill odor causing bacteria. Febreze is ideal for fabrics and will give your home aroma the scent of fresh laundry.

You can create your own spray freshener by mixing fabric softener with water and refilling an empty stray bottle (this solution has less sticky residue than Febreze). Or, for a dry treatment, use air freshening sprays. Whichever one you choose, be sure to test the product first on the back of the fabric, to make sure that the treatment will not leave drops or stains behind.

Fresh-Baked Breads and Cakes

You don't have to be Martha Stewart to fill your home with the welcoming aroma of baked bread or cake. There are many ready-to-bake products that you can pop in the oven and serve shortly after.
Frozen breads and rolls typically bake in less than 15 minutes and offer an ideal addition to any meal, while giving your home aroma the welcoming scent of a bakery. Frozen pies will take around an hour to bake, but frozen cinnamon buns will bake as quickly as bread and have a wonderful homey aroma.

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