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Budget home improvement with a sea sponge 

Budget Home Improvement Projects with a Sea Sponge

In many of my home improvement projects I discovered the power of altering the way surfaces look by using a sea sponge to texture them.

By using three shades of paint and dabbing them on with a sea sponge, I remodeled my soot-covered fireplace, I refinished my ugly plastic kitchen, and I concealed rust on my bathtub—just to name a few home improvement ideas.

Here are my favorite budget home improvement projects with a sea sponge. I hope they inspire you to fix up your home.

My Kitchen Remodel with a Sea Sponge

For this budget home improvement project, I used two pale sandy shades and a third shade that was brick red bordering on eggplant (all three were latex paint). I began by priming my plastic kitchen cabinets with water-based primer.

Next, I used a sea sponge (found at the paint section of your home improvement store) to dab the sandy shades on to my primed cabinets. The sponge mixed the hues together and gave the cabinets a textured, faux finish.

Finally, I used a thin painter’s brush to smear streaks of brick red paint in vertical lines across my painted kitchen cabinets. Then I used the sea sponge to smear the bright streak into the surrounding sandy paint.

See the results of this budget kitchen home improvement project.

My Fireplace Remodel with a Sea Sponge

For this budget home improvement project, I used three pale sandy shades in latex paint.

I began by cover the ugly woodwork that climbed above my fireplace. I simply hammered plywood over the ugly wood, then attached to 4x4 beams to the right and left of the plywood to create a large frame above the mantelpiece.

Next, I used the sea sponge to dab the three sandy shades over the plywood. This gave it a textured finish. Once this was done, I used the same painting technique over my soot-covered bricks, until my fireplace front matched the frame I had created on top.

Finally, I painted the beams that formed the frame and mantelpiece in glossy latex white paint.

See the results of this budget fireplace home improvement project.

My Bathroom Remodel with a Sea Sponge

For this budget home improvement project I used Bondo to repair my tub, then three shades of sandy paint and a sea sponge to repaint the exterior of my bathtub.

The rust on the top side of my bathtub had created an ugly hole. Using Bondo I was able to fill the hill and smooth the repair area. But it still looked ugly. I then primed the exterior of the tub with water-based primer.

Next, I dabbed my three sandy shades over the exterior of the tub using my sea sponge. This created a beautiful, creamy texture that covered my old rust-repair job completely.

I’m sorry I didn’t take a picture of this repair job before selling my old home. I can tell you that this home improvement project changed my old bathroom completely.

Questions? Comments? Drop me a line.
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