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Affordable Rose Garden

A Cheap and Easy Way to Create a Small Rose Garden

Creating your own rose garden isn’t as hard as you think. And it’s not expensive either. It’s all a matter of choosing climbing roses and building a trellis for them yourself. You can create your own rose garden in a small backyard. Or combine a few rose trellises together for a fragrant, garden getaway. So here’s how I did it.

Creating the Rose Garden Trellis

I had a very small budget for building my rose garden trellis. In fact, I could only afford two, thin metal trellises. Since I wanted to have a full rose garden, I had to come up with a way of stringing roses between my trellises, so as to create the impression of an enchantingly organized and yet whimsical rose garden.

Fishing wire came to my rescue. I positioned the trellises at a 45 degree angle to each other, and at a distance of six feet. I then strung invisible fishing wire between the trellises, as if I were creating clotheslines. I planted two cheap climb rose bushes beneath the strings of fishing wire, then threaded the roses through them, like upside down clothes hung out to dry.

As the roses grew, I kept stringing them, and very soon my rose garden trellis was full to the top with a fragrant wall of green leaves and beautiful roses.

I placed two chairs before my rose garden, to create a serene reading nook. But you can string a hammock before them, or position a rocking chair or love seat. You can even create a series of rose trellises to encircle your seating area. In this way, your rose garden will clothes in on you on all four sides, truly enveloping you in fragrance and beauty.

It’s a simple way to create a rose garden for very little money. And climbing roses are easy to care for. Just a little pruning and watering in the summer. Just be sure to choose rose buses with flowers that smell heavenly.

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