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Create a Faux Window
with Imitation Sunlight

Create a Fake Window to Add Light and Beauty to a Dark Room

A faux window, sometimes called a fake window, is an ideal solution for a dark or windowless room. Unlike a landscape painting, a faux window gives the illusion of a real window and so creates a feeling of open space.

A mural can achieve the same effect, but a mural is expensive to commission from an artist. But anyone can make a fake window. It’s easy and cheap to do, and the choice of view is entirely up to you.

You can even dress your faux window with window treatments, like a blind, curtain or valance, to complete the illusion that your fake window is real. Such window treatments can hide a neon light hung over the faux window, for the added illusion of sunlight streaming in through the fake window frame.

As you read the steps of this fun faux window project, start imagining the kind of view you always wished you could have. For now, you will.

Make a Faux Window: Step #1. The Window Frame:

For your fake window frame you have two choices. Look for an old window frame in a garage sale or on Craig’s List. Or buy a faux window picture frame, which has panels the standard size of photos (for example 4 x 6). The advantage to the latter is that this kind of faux window will come with glass, which will increase the illusion of a real window when the project is done.

Make a Faux Window: Step #2. The Perfect View:

This is the best part of the faux window project. Now you get to choose the perfect view. All Posters has a fantastic selection of landscape posters, from forest views to mountaintops, the English countryside to Madison county’s covered bridges. Here’s what you should keep in mind when choosing the perfect view for your faux window:

The Size: know in advance the size of your faux window. The poster you choose has to fit these dimensions, or be just a little bigger. So don’t fall in love with the perfect view just to realize that the poster isn’t wide or tall enough.

The Season: if you choose a winter landscape, just bear in mind that it will look fake in summer. Season-neutral images will look more real in a fake window. And yet, half the fun of the faux window project is the chance to have your perfect view year round, even if that means Autumn leaves in spring.

The Perspective: if you want your fake window to look very real, try to match the view in your faux window to that outside your real windows. If other windows face a tree and a street, then choose a poster with a tree in a picturesque garden.

The Image Depth: up-close images tend to look more real in a faux window, simply because most window views are of up-close scenery, like the house across the street or the trees in your garden. However, if you are willing to give up on realism a little, here is your chance to have a sweeping view of a mountaintop or a lake.

The Setting: if you live in Alaska and choose a Tropical Island poster for your faux window, the view will look out of place and fake. It’s best to choose a perfect view that will appear harmonious to your home environment.
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