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Decorating Your Home
with Seashells

It was a glass jar filled with astonishingly beautiful seashells that first hooked me on the idea of decorating my home with shells. The jar was standing on a windowsill in a seaside cottage, and the sun penetrated through the cracks between the shells, highlighting their texture and color. Since then I’ve decorated with seashells in all sorts of ways, and here are my favorite ideas.

Finding Seashells

A note before we plunged into my seashell decorating ideas. You can find the best and biggest selection of seashells online. I ran a search for “seashells for sale” and I found a few excellent stores. I never knew there were so many sizes, shapes and colors to seashells. Browsing these websites felt like walking through a seashell museum.

Seashell Mirror

I took an old mirror I found in a garage sale, and I turned it into a stunning seashell mirror. The wood frame of the mirror was 6 inch wide, which was perfect for my project. I smeared glue on the wood, then I coated the frame in gold glitter. Next I used my glue gun to attach seashells all over the mirror frame. I hung the mirror in my entryway, and it created a soothing, welcoming feel when we came home.

Sand and Seashell Display

I looked for a shiny ceramic plate in black. I wanted something fairly flat, with edges that rise slightly. I found what I wanted at the home section of a department store. I filled the plate with sand, pressed a few sand-colored votive candles into the sand, and added beautiful seashells of varying heights and sizes. The display was so stunning I decided to give it a place of honor on my living room table.

Seashell Wall Decor

I bought sand dollars in bulk because these shells have holes at their tops. Then I strung the seashells on a silver ribbon. Since the ribbon was thick, it filled the hole in the shell and kept the sand dollars from bunching together. Next, I used a push pin to attach the silk ribbon to the wall at one end. Finally, I used push pins to hang the string of seashells on the wall in a wavy pattern. The festoons of shells created a sort of chair rail border all around my craft room.

Seashell Bathroom Window

My bathroom window had a beautiful, wide ledge. The perfect place to display seashells, I thought. I rested an ornate mirror at one corner with a glass bowl filled with seashells before it, so the seashells can reflect in the mirror. Then I added two giant murex seashells, so I can listen to the soothing sound of the sea as I took a shell with me into the shower.

Seashell Chandelier

My candelabra chandelier, which hangs above my bed, seemed like a perfect setting for seashells. I strung sand dollars on fishing wire and tied them all over the candelabra. And I cut the strings in varying heights, so the seashells would hang in a waterfall of lengths.

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