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How to decorate a guest bedroom for free

Decorating for Free Is Easy:
How to Decorate a Guest Bedroom for Free

For those of you who love to store stuff and never throw anything away, here’s an opportunity to decorate for free by putting these old things to new and better use.

I decided to decorate my guest bedroom for free. Yes, I didn’t have any money to spare. But I was also curious to see how hard it would be to transform a room without spending any money. In short, I planned to use only stuff I already had at home, which I would be forced to use in new and inventive ways. In the end, I think I’ve proven that clutter isn’t always a bad thing. Not when you find new ways to use that old clutter and decorate your home for free.

I Used an Old Mattress

Instead of using an inflatable mattress that always seemed to lose its air in the middle of the night, I hauled the old mattress I was storing in the garage and placed it in my guest bedroom. Since the room was small, I decided to decorate without a headboard or foot board.

I Used Old Bed Covers

I removed one of the comforters from my own upstairs bedroom, replacing it with two thick throws (which I had at home). In my guest bedroom downstairs, I spread the comforter on the bed then folded an old duvet at the foot of the bed instead of a throw. Since this duvet was old and faded, I turned it inside out, which gave it a rural, country look. In this instance, decorating for free was not only easy but a fun way to clear out a bulky, unused duvet out of my closet.

I Used a Stove for a Bedside Table

BBecause my guest bedroom is downstairs, it is always cold. I therefore placed an electric stove in one corner (which I removed from the rec room). I positioned the stove to face the doorway, so that when the electric firelight was on it would fill the room with a warm ambiance. In addition, the stove acts as a bedside table, which decorated the room for free without cluttering it up.

I Added an Old Ottoman

I removed an old ottoman from my rec room. I sewed an ottoman slipcover for the chair from fabric I had left over at home. Decorating for free was a little more challenging here but not the less fun.

I Added Decorative Pillows

I removed some of the decorative pillows from my living room and tossed them on my guest bedroom bed. The pillows matched the ottoman slipcover and tied the decor together, without costing me any money.

I Added an Old Wine Rack

The last item of unused furniture I had in the garage was an old wine rack. I cleaned and varnished it, then set it in a corner of my guest bedroom with a brown teddy bear on top. Once again I decorated for free because I had the items at home.

I Made a Final Hunt for Decorative Items

Once finished, I hunted in my garage for any other items I had stored and forgot about. And there, in a corner, I found an old candelabra, which I hung from the ceiling in the corner of my guest bedroom.


Decorating for free was easy and fun. I discovered items I forgot I had and made use of them in new and inventive ways. Shifting the use of some items from my bedroom and living room made little difference in those areas, while decorating my guest bedroom beautifully. Best of all, I cleared some space in my garage./span>
So for those of you who love to store stuff and never throw anything away, here’s an opportunity to decorate for free by putting these old things to new and better use.

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