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Decorating Ideas for
Dining Room Glamour

It's the eternal questions--how to achieve dining room glamour on a budget? There are basic decorating ideas that will impart beauty and glamour to your dining room, which you can create yourself, even on a small budget. Here are the glamour decorating ideas I implemented in my dining room.

#1. Glamorous Dining Room Fabrics

Elegant fabric will cost the same as casual fabric, offering you an easy, affordable way to add glamour to your dining room. Begin by buying slipcovers for your old dining room chairs, which will save money over reupholstering them.

Take slipcover with you to the fabric and enjoy finding a matching, elegant dining room fabric from which to sew glamour dining room drapes, a table runner, or place setting squares. Edge fabrics with fringes or tassels for added glamour, and be sure to make the valances on your curtains long and ornamental.

Complete this capsule of glamour by choosing an elegant rug for your dining room. Once more choose from the same color palette, until your curtains, chairs and rug all blend into a rich array of dining room decorating.
#2. Glamorous Dining Room Colors

Purple was once the color of emperors, and for a good reason. Purples and crimsons will imbue your dining room with elegance and glamour. Paint or wallpaper your dining room walls with dramatic colors. Or, better yet, use this simple faux painting technique to impart glamorous texture to your dining room walls.

Then treat your windowpanes to a little glamour by covering them with white, see-through fabrics, ornamented with a lattice of silk purple ribbons.

#3. Glamorous Dining Room Lighting

Lighting will affect the beauty of your dining room. Always choose elegant lighting, like crystal chandeliers, or charming shabby chic lighting, and add a cheap dimmer to the light switch to give you full control of the amount of lighting you shine in your glamorous dining room. And be sure to capitalize on outdoor lighting, position your dining room table in the path of the sun, for cozy weekend breakfasts or romantic sunset dinners.
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