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Easy blue bedroom decorating ideas

Easy Blue Bedroom Decorating Ideas

There’s nothing quite as soothing as a blue bedroom. The coolness of the sea and the breeze of a summer afternoon seem to be rolled into one when you wash a bedroom with blue shades.

The following easy blue bedroom decorating ideas are my favorite, because of their simple charm and low cost.

What Kind of Blue Walls Should You Choose?

Not all blues are created equal. Yes, the easiest part of decorating a blue bedroom is painting the walls blue. But be sure to choose a soothing blue, like aquamarine or periwinkle blue. Remember that you must live with this color for many months, possibly years, so decorate your blue bedroom with a color that will fit all your moods.

Yet another way to decorate your blue bedroom is to paint one accent wall with a more prominent blue, then to paint the surrounding walls in a lighter blue. This way you can have your striking blue appeal without overwhelming the atmosphere of the room.

Finally, consider painting your ceiling in a different blue than your walls, to add interest to your blue bedroom decorating.

Decorate Your Blue Bedroom with a Garden Bench

One of the easiest blue bedroom decorating ideas is also the cheapest. In fact, you don’t have to spend a fortune on an expensive bedroom seat or chest at all. Instead, look for a cheap garden bench at a garage sale, unfinished furniture store or thrift store. You can even buy a cheap plastic bench. Then set about decorating your blue bedroom bench.

First prime the bench with water-based primer. The primer looks like white paint and is easy to brush on. You won’t have to sand down old furniture, because the primer will smooth out the surface. And primer will make sure your paint adheres to any surface, even plastic.

Once the primer dries, paint the bench a beautiful blue shade. Then spread beautiful home magazines on the bench just for fun.

Wicker Furniture for Your Blue Bedroom

Blue bedroom decorating opens the door to a little playfulness. Instead of decorating the room with heavy, upholstered furniture, why not use something lighter. Outdoor furniture, such as a wicker armchair, will look charming in a corner of your blue bedroom. So will a rocking chair, especially if you paint it in blue.

You can also add a wicker headboard, if you can find one at a home store or thrift store. Otherwise, just hang a blue curtain poll on the wall over the bed (at the height of a headboard). Then hang a beautiful blue throw or blanket on the poll, to fill the visual space that a headboard would usually fill.

I have to say that of all the easy blue bedroom decorating ideas, this one’s my absolute favorite. And I discovered the inspiration for it on Martha Stewart.

Add Blue Storage Baskets

Add a little whimsy to your blue bedroom decorating ideas by trading your side tables or bedside tables for tall, lidded baskets. You can even spray paint the wicker baskets in blue to match your room.

When the baskets are closed, you store things on top of them as you would over a table. But you can also store things inside the basket.

Blue Bedroom Wall Decor

The easiest blue bedroom decorating idea when it comes to wall decor is very creative. Begin by buying a collection of craft store frames, which are super cheap. Spray paint the frames in blue. Then frame calendar prints or family photos.

Hang the pictures in a grid of 2x2 or 3x4. You can also frame mirrors inside the frames to create the illusion of a French window.

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