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Simple Entryway
Lighting Makeover

Create a glamorous entryway makeover by giving your old, drab chandelier a new look. Simply add Victorian chandelier lampshades to your existing light fixture, then festoon strings of beads below for a beautiful entryway lighting makeover. The glass beads will imitate the beauty of a crystal chandelier, while the Victorian lampshades will add the elegance of shabby chic decor to your entryway.

All you need are cheap chandelier lampshades and strings of beads, which you can find at any craft store. In half an hour, your old, plain chandelier will be transformed into an elegant Victorian chandelier.

Follow these steps to create your own glamorous entryway lighting makeover

Step #1: Choose Lampshades

At your local craft store, light fixtures store, home improvement or home decor store look for small chandelier lampshades. These will clip on to the light bulbs of your old light fixture.

Though you may be tempted to buy dark, exotic colors, remember two things. First, a dark chandelier lampshade will dim the illumination of your Victorian chandelier considerably. Second, an amber or sand-colored chandelier lampshade will allow light to shine through, imbuing your entryway lighting makeover with light and glittering beads.

Step #2: Create Strings of Beads

Your local craft store is your best place for finding stunning strings of beads. These are already attached to a strip of fabric, making them ideal for Victorian chandelier lampshades. Just choose the beads you love best.

Remember that amber and rich see-through hues are best for allowing light to glitter through them. Using craft glue, attach your string of beads at the bottom of your Victorian chandelier lampshades. Apply the string on the inside, and if you wish to apply a second string of beads on the top of the chandelier lampshade, fold the fabric inward, so as to glue it unseen on the inside.

Step #3: Attach the Lampshades

Simply clip your elegant chandelier lampshades on to the light bulbs of your old light fixture, turning an ordinary chandelier into a romantic Victorian chandelier that will add glamour to your entryway lighting makeover.

Step #4: Add Victorian Ornaments

Add more glamour to your Victorian chandelier by stringing beads on a copper craft wire and forming helixes of beads to dangle from your Victorian chandelier. These are easy and fun to make and will make a world of difference to your entryway lighting makeover.

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