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Far-Out Kids Decorating Ideas
With Glow-in-the-Dark-Stars

Kids Will Go to Sleep Wishing on a Star

Glow in the dark stars are so easy to use and they turn ordinary kids decorating into fantastic, wish-upon-a-star kids decor.

All you need is a blank ceiling, glow in the dark star stickers, and half an hour. There’s no mess involved, and kids can help to stick the glow in the dark stars on the ceiling. Just make sure to hold them tight as they reach up, up high.

With glow in the dark stars, kids will never again be afraid of the dark. Lights-out time will become stars-on time, and every night your kids will go to sleep wishing on a star. So give this cheap and easy kids decor idea a try. It’s sure to be a glowing success.

Step #1. Choosing Glow in the Dark stickers

Choosing glow in the dark star stickers is great fun. For online shopping, simply run the internet query: "Glow in the dark star stickers". You’ll find a wide selection of stores selling sheets of stickers. Local toy stores will carry glow in the dark stars as well, as will educational stores.

Step #2. Preparing the Ceiling

To ensure that the glow in the dark stars stick firmly to the ceiling, sand the ceiling lightly. This will remove any dust and bumps. When you are done, wipe the ceiling with a wet cloth and let it dry. It’s a good idea to scatter stars over the beds in the room. As kids go to sleep, they’ll look up and see the stars glowing above.

Step #3. Sticking the Stars in Decorative Ways

How you stick the glow in the dark stars is entirely up to you. If you want to be scientifically accurate, follow the star map that comes with the stickers. It’s also fun to just stick the stars anywhere, in whatever clusters you like. Even though the glow in the dark stars look boring by daylight, just wait until you see the ceiling glowing with starlight at night. This is an easy kids decor project, so let the kids help out. Just keep a close eye on them as they climb the ladder to reach the ceiling.

Step #4. Turning off the Lights

Close the blinds, turn off the lights—and watch your glow in the dark stars glowing on the ceiling. Now is the time to make a wish upon your glowing stars. This easy kids decor project can instill a love of stargazing in your kids. Buy them a telescope, and they’ll be able to watch the real stars and learn about the constellations and our place in the universe.

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