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How to Make
A Victorian Candelabra

A Victorian candelabra is romantic and elegant. And also amazingly easy to make yourself. All you need to create your very own Victorian candelabra is craft wire, beads and candle glass holders.

Create your Victorian candelabra as a centerpiece for your dining room table or living room coffee table. Or create instead, a hanging Victorian candelabra over your bed or bath. Your creation can be in any color or size. It’s up to you. So let’s get started.

Follow these steps to make your own Victorian candelabra.

Step #1: The Beads

The best part of making your own Victorian candelabra is that the color and size will be entirely up to you. For a large, hanging Victorian candelabra you will need around 500 beads. For a smaller, centerpiece Victorian candelabra 250 beads are enough.

Visit your local craft store and select your beads. Adhere to one color group with little variation, as Victorian ornaments are simple in hues. Adhere, also, to one texture for the same reason. Opaque or dark glass or plastic beads will work best, as you do not want your copper craft wire to show through the beads.

Finally choose only two shapes of beads: large ones that will make up 40% of your Victorian candelabra, and small ones that will make up the rest.

Step #2: Craft Wire

How big you wish your Victorian candelabra to be is entirely up to you. Your Victorian candelabra will have five arms. Therefore cut 5 lengths of copper craft wire. Take into account that each length should consist of the length of your Victorian candelabra—times two. The second half will curve to form each candle holder.

Step #3: Assembly, Part I

Hold the 5 lengths of copper wire together. Connect them a third way down by looping a small piece of copper wire around all 5. Next, hold the top and bottom and push the wires toward each other. The five wires will bend. Now curve them outwardly into beautiful, symmetrical curves, forming an invisible bubble between them.

Start beading the 5 curved wires, making sure to repeat the pattern exactly everywhere. Start with a big bead and follow with 6 small beads, then again. 3 inches from the top, loop a copper wire to connect the 5 wires together and finish the top by tying a wire knot over the last beads.

Step #4: Assembly, Part II

Curve each of the 5 wires out in a large outward loop, followed by a smaller inward loop in the opposite direction (creating S shape). Start beading the wires again following the same patter. Finish each end by tying a wire knot to keep the last bead in place. Complete your Victorian candelabra by twirling each beaded wire around a small glass candle holder, finishing off with the end of the wire coming under the glass, for support.

Step #5: Ornaments

Add strings of beads to ornament your Victorian candelabra. Beads drooping beneath each glass holder are traditional Victorian motifs. Simply twirl the end of a copper wire anywhere between two beads on your Victorian candelabra, to begin a new string of tangling beads.

Choose long, elegant candles, preferably in white to complete the antique feel of your Victorian candelabra. And if you are hanging your Victorian candelabra, make sure to use garden toggle hooks for extra safety.

Questions? Comments? Drop me a line.
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