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How I Repaired My Adjustable Bed

How I Repaired My Adjustable Bed

With a simple phone call, I bought the parts for repairing my adjustable bed from Leggett & Platt. Then I replaced the motor and massagers in less than an hour. Here’s how I repaired my adjustable bed for under $130.

When I bought my Tempur Pedic mattress, I also bought an adjustable bed from Leggett & Platt. Ten years later, the remote was malfunctioning, one of the massagers stopped working, and the head riser on the adjustable bed was broken too. I thought I would have to buy a new adjustable bed. Instead, I repaired my adjustable bed for under $130, and now it has all new parts and works like a brand new bed.

I Obtained the Adjustable Bed’s Serial Number

Before you can repair your adjustable bed, be sure to obtain its serial number. This will reduce your cost of replacements parts, and ensure that you get the right parts for your bed.

I manually lifted the head of the bed (which was broken, and looked for the serial number on the bed frame. If you can’t find it on yours, try lifting the legs and looking on that side of the bed. If you still can’t find it, have someone help you remove the mattress, then lift the adjustable bed on its side. Look underneath to locate the serial number on the bed from.

Tip: It’s possible that the store noted the serial number on your paperwork or manual, if you kept them.

I Called Leggett & Platt

I called the manufacturer of the adjustable bed. Leggett & Platt make adjustable beds for several mattress companies, from Tempur Pedic to Sleep Number. Call customer service at 1 (800) 888 3078.

Begin by asking Leggett & Platt if your serial number is still under warranty. Even if it isn’t, you will qualify for a discount on replacement parts, as long as you ship the broken parts back with the shipping label you will receive.

Describe the malfunction, so the rep can identify which parts you should order. I highly recommend ordering a new remote as part of your repair project. It’s cheap ($18), and my old remote did not work with the new parts (even after trying to train it).

How to repair an adjustable bed from Leggett & Platt
Since Leggett & Platt subsidizes the replacement parts, repairing your adjustable bed will cost you a fraction (less than 10%) of what it would cost to buy a new adjustable bed. And yet your bed will feel and function like a new one.
Check the Parts Once They Arrive

Before you start repairing your adjustable bed, that is… before you go through the hassle of lifting the mattress and turning the adjustable bed on its side… first check the new parts sent to you by Leggett & Platt. The first engine sent to me had a broken piece under the sliding cap. I only saw it after I lifted the bed. I couldn’t finish repairing my adjustable bed that day.

Install the New Parts

First unplug the bed. Next, to repair your adjustable bed, you may have to replace the motor and/or the massagers. It’s actually very easy to do. Follow the instructions and use common sense. The motor has a sliding lid. Once removed, it will simply come off the undercarriage of your adjustable bed. Then you can place the new one in instead.

When you install new massagers, be sure to fasten them tightly, or they will rattle and make your adjustable bed very loud. In fact, I added a little foam beneath them to better insulate the massagers from the wood frame of my adjustable bed. In addition, be sure to re-secure all wires both from the massagers and motor with the appropriate fasteners.

Test the Repair of Your Adjustable Bed

Replug the bed and, using the remote, test the massagers. Next, carefully test whether the adjustable foot and head risers work. Since the bed is lying on its side, don’t overdo it. If everything works, unplug the bed again, lift everything back into place with the help of a friend, then plug the bed again before pushing it against the wall.
How to fix an adjustable bed

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