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How to Build a Bed Canopy

Different Bed Canopies You Can Make Yourself

Learning how to build a bed canopy is easy if you implement a simple suspension trick. Rather than attempt to craft extensions for your bed, which would require you to find identical building materials to your existing furniture, you can build a bed canopy frame and suspend it from the ceiling over the bed.

Not only will building a bed canopy add elegance to your bedroom, it will envelope your with a sense of serenity and protectiveness. A canopy also offers a great decorating tool, which can tie the window treatments with the bedclothes.

Step #1. Choose the Frame

Build the bed canopy from metal rods or wood polls depending on your bedroom furniture. For a wrought-iron bed, look for metal curtain rods that extend to the full length of your bed. You can save money by getting 2 long curtain rods for the length, but 2 short ones for the width.

For a bed made of wood, look for ornate wood polls at the lumber section of your home improvement store. Buy 2 rods to match the length of your bed and 2 to match the width.

(Tip: use the store’s cutting services to cut the rods down to size.)

For Japanese or modern, frameless beds do not buy rods at all. You’ll see later in this article how to build your bed canopy from swag hooks.

Step #2. Choose the Fabric

To build the bed canopy in a room that is already decorated with curtains and bedcovers, look for a cloth that will match the room. Ideally, choose an airy, white net that will not clash with anything, and yet create a romantic canopy enclosure around the bed.

If there are no window curtains or bedcovers in the room, choose two kinds of matching fabrics. Use the heavy fabric to sew curtains (l explain how later in the article). Use a lighter, flowing fabric to sew a canopy.

To determine how much fabric you need, measure the distance from the ceiling down to the top of the mattress. After you build the bed canopy, its suspension will lower it by a few inches, which will then translate to increased length in the canopy cloth.

Step #3. Build the Bed Canopy

If you are building a swag hook bed canopy, please skip this step. Regardless of whether you are building a wood or metal bed canopy, you will need a length of climber’s rope. The color of the rope does not matter, as you can paint the rope later with spray paint if you so desire.

Lay your rods or polls on the floor to form a square. Next, raise the shorter, width sections so they overlap in the corners over the long, length sections. Use the climber’s rope to start twisting an 8 shape at every corner to connect the polls or rods. Create a nice, firm 8 shape and tuck the end of the rope safely beneath the corded mass.

To make sure that the canopy sections remain at right angles to each other while you are twisting the 8 shape, secure them beneath your legs or have someone there to help hold them in place until the rope looping is secure.

Step #4. Build a Bed Canopy from Swag Hooks

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