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How to build a chic cheap closet

How to Build a Chic Cheap Closet

Build a cheap chic closet by removing your old-fashioned doors and shelves and filling the space with stylish order.

One way to modernize a bedroom is to turn the closet into a chic realm. You can do that by exchanging conventional doors and shelves for something more stylish. Here's how to build your own chic closet on the cheap.

Exchange Your Closet Door for a Chic Curtain

I first got the idea from viewing an IKEA catalogue. Stores like IKEA or other cheap home furnishing stores sell beautiful curtains and curtain rods very cheaply. You can even find deals at home improvement stores.

After you remove the doors from your closet, remove any rails or hinge. If you hang a curtain poll choose inside-mount brackets that take up minimal space. Or use a bathroom shower curtain rod that stays in place by applying equal pressure to both sides of the wall.

Exchange Old Shelving for Boxed Drawers

At a container store you'll find stacks of drawers that are far cheaper than buying a chest of drawers. Select drawers in various sizes to accommodate socks, sweaters and even shoes.

Add a Mirror

When you open your closet curtain, the space will be filled with light. So what could be more perfect than to add a mirror when you build your chic cheap closet? Look for a cheap mirror in a garage sale, at home improvement stores or at thrift stores. Then paint the mirror frame to match your closet curtain.

Add a Rod

Don't settle for folding everything. When you build your chic cheap closet, be sure to add a rod for hanging clothes as well. Buy cheap ($1) closet rod brackets for at a home improvement store, for an easy installation.

Add Storage with Baskets

Add whimsy to your cheap chic closet with a few storage baskets for underwear, scarves, hats, gloves or jewelry. Craft stores have cheap lidded baskets, as do container stores. You can always spray paint the baskets to match the colors in your curtain.

Add Trim Outside the Closet

After you build your chic cheap closet on the inside, be sure to ornament the outside with an elegant frame (like the casing around your window). At a home improvement store buy molding and cut the corners at 45 degree angles. Then glue the molding around the frame of the closet. When the curtains are drawn, the closet will look like a covered, elegant porch window.

Tip: You can build this chic cheap closet in hallways as well, for tucking away sheets and towels, coats or boots.

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