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Choosing the Right
Electrical Fireplace

An electric fireplace can add romance to your life, and save you money on electricity. But it's important to know how to choose the right size, style and width electric fireplace for your room.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a fireplace in every bedroom? There is nothing like the romance and elegance of a fireplace. But installing a real hearth and chimney can cost thousands. Instead, consider buying a mantelpiece with an electric heating unit built-in.

Unlike a real hearth, an electric fireplace will blow heat into the room, causing circulation and preventing the hot air from settling on the ceiling. In addition, an electric fireplace has is no chimney to suck up the heat before it even makes it into the room.

The cost of running an electric fireplace is as low as $0.17 an hour according to manufacturers. What's more, when you use an electric fireplace in your bedroom, you can turn down the central heating in your home, especially at night when you remain in a single room for hours. The electric fireplace will keep you warm and toasty at a fraction of the cost.

Of course, there's nothing like sitting by a fireplace on a romantic date, or just to read a book and relax. Electric fireplaces even let you switch off the heat, while leaving the flickering flames on. Imagine the fun of a fireside evening in the middle of summer.

Like traditional gas fireplaces, electric fireplaces can be switched on with the click of a button. Better yet, many electric fireplaces have remote controls, so you can turn them on and off without getting out of bed or your armchair. One of the leading manufacturers of electric fireplaces is Dimplex. Their mantelpiece designs are gorgeous and the illusion of a real fire is captivating. In addition most Dimplex models come with a remote control.

There are many online stores that specialize in electric fireplaces and some will even ship the fireplace for free. Simply google the query: Electric Fireplace, and you will find a variety of stores to compare prices and choose the best deal. If you want to see the fireplace in person, check out your local heating and hearth stores, who will have a small selection of electric fireplaces in their showroom. Some department stores carry a few models also, and Costco does too.

When you choose your favorite fireplace make sure that it is an electric fireplace and not the less expensive option of Gel Fuel Cans. These are lit and placed inside the fireplace and will provide as much heat as the electric units, with the added advantage of creating the crackling noise of a real fire.

However, the cans will not blow the hot air into the room, and without this added circulation the hot air is likely to settle near the ceiling, since hot air rises above cool air. In addition, the cans will need to be replaced when they run out, and so in the long run an electric fireplace is more cost effective, and provides you the added advantage of having a fire without heat, just for creating a cozy atmosphere.

There are a few steps you should follow before selecting the perfect electric fireplace for your home:
First make sure that the wall the electric fireplace will stand against has an electric outlet. The illusion of a real fire will be broken if you have to run an extension cord across the floor.

Second, measure the wall, both its height and width. The size of the mantelpiece should be between half to a third of the height of this wall, and about the same for the available, open-space width (disregarding any shelves, open doors, or armoires that might be taking up the rest of the wall).

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