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How to give old closet doors a facelift

How to Give Old Closet Doors a Facelift

Instead of replacing my old, ugly closet doors I refurbished them with a little paint and new hardware. In addition, I added wood trim around the doors to give the illusion that the closet is wider and modern looking. Giving my old closet doors a facelift cost a fraction of replacing the doors with new ones. Here’s what I did.

Replace Old Hardware

To make my old closet doors work like new ones, I bought new hardware at my home improvement store. You’ll find everything you need to refurbish sliding bi-fold closet doors in a single packet. It’s easy to install; just follow the instructions on the package.

How to refurbish old closet doors


Build Trim around Your Doors


Because modern doors are wider, they also seem more elegant. But you can give your old closet doors a facelift by building a border around your closet, like casing around a window. I used fence wood because it’s cheaper. You can also buy molding for a more elegant look. Simply cut the corners at 45 degree angles and glue or nail the wood around your closet, like a frame.

fix up old doors to look like new
What Color Should You Paint Your Closet?

At first, I stained the trim and closet in mahogany. Why? Because the closet doors were already stained and I thought it would look better if I adhered to the original colors. In fact, I later realized that to give my old closet doors a facelift that will leave them looking modern, I had to paint them white.

I, therefore, used water-based primer to cover the old wood stain. After two coats of primer had dried, I painted over them with eggshell latex white paint. (Don’t try to paint over stain without primer, because the paint will not stick.)

Replace the Handles

Finally, I replaced the handles on my closet doors. Instead of the small wooden knobs I now have elegant brass handles.


Giving my old closet doors a facelift was easy. The result is dramatic, since the doors take up almost an entire wall in the room.

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