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How to make enchanting decorative pillows
How to Make
Enchanting Decorative Pillows

Like a fairy casting a spell, you can sprinkle beauty over your home by learning how to make decorative pillows yourself. Ridiculously expensive when you buy them ready-made, decorative pillows are incredibly easy to make.

Choose your own fabric, tassels, decorative beads or pompons, and make your decorative pillows as unique as the rooms they will be used in. Here are the steps for making decorative pillows, with different ideas for enhancing their beauty.

Step #1. Find Old Pillows

The best way to save money on making decorative pillows is to recycle old pillows. You can always buy pillow stuffing at craft stores, or cut off a large sleeping pillow down to size, but if you already have old decorative pillows, these are ideal. When you learn how to make decorative pillows don’t worry about gathering different size pillows. Once they are all decorated the same, they will look like a set.

Step #2. Buy Fabric

Bring the pillow with you to the fabric store or measure it at home to determine how much fabric you’ll need to sew a pillow case for it. If you’re making several decorative pillows, buy two patterns of fabric that complement each other. You can also buy a shiny, silk fabric for the back of the pillow and a patterned or embroidered one for the front.

Step #3. Buy Pillow Decor

There are endless way to add charm to your decorative pillows. Look at the wide selection of tassel fringes. These are so easy to use when you’re learning how to make a decorative pillow. Large corner tassels are also beautiful and easy to add. I especially like beaded tassel fringes that reflect light.

For an elegant look, select a pearl fringe. You can also thread beads together to create a festooning fringe over your decorative pillow edge once its finish. So let your imagination roam the store until you find the most beautiful objects with which to decorate your homemade pillows.

Step #4. Sew a Simple Decorative Pillow Case

Cut the fabric into two squares that will be large enough to form a case together for your old pillow. It’s wise to make the case very tight, so it fits snugly over the pillow. If you’re using a silky fabric for the back, take your time fitting it to the top fabric as silk is slippery.

Rest the fabrics with the beautiful side facing inward, then use sewing pins to secure three sides together. Sew your decorative pillow by hand or on a sewing machine.

Step #5. Sew a Tassel Fringed Decorative Pillow

If you want the tassel fringe to fit inside the pillow case seams, simply slip them in place while you are putting the pillow case together. Remember that the tassel fringe must be on the inside at this point, with the tassels facing out of the seam. Use the sewing pins to hold everything in place while you sew the decorative pillow case.

Step #6. Enclose the Decorative Pillow

Turn the pillow case over to its beautiful side, then stuff the pillow inside. Now comes the tricky part of learning how to make decorative pillows. Fold the fourth side of the pillow inwardly, with the tassel fringe facing out (if you have one). Secure with sewing pins, then sew the decorative pillow with an invisible seam.

Hold the two fabric ends between your thumb and forefinger and slip the needle just where the fabrics meet and fold together. Pull the thread tight and keep sticking the needle where the fabrics join to keep the seam invisible.

Step #7. Add Beauty to Your Decorative Pillows

Sew corner tassels by hand, or attach festooning beads by using a thread identical to the pillow itself. You can add beautiful clusters of buttons, or sew glass beads in the corners. You can even iron embroidery patches onto the pillow for a beautiful decorative effect.

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