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How to make a skylight cover

How to Make a Cheap Skylight Cover

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Make a skylight cover using a sturdy blanket, clip-on rings and screw hooks! My cost for making this skylight cover was $40.

I moved into my house on a hot spring day, and immediately I realized that I would have to make a skylight cover for the window in my kitchen ceiling. The skylight was beautiful but positioned in such a way as to let direct sunlight in at the warmest hours of the day. My kitchen felt like an oven.

And yet, I wanted to come up with a cheap skylight cover that will be easy to remove in winter, then put up again in summer. I came up with a simple design. I made a skylight cover using a sturdy blanket, curtain clip-on rings and screw hooks.

The skylight cost me less than $40 and I built it in around ten minutes from set up to installation. You can take this principal and make a cheap skylight cover for any sized window and in any style. Here’s how.
How to build a cheap skylight cover

Take Measurements for Making Your Skylight Cover

Before you take measurements for your skylight cover, please consider having someone with you, especially if you have to climb on a tall ladder. That’s what I did (not being a fan of heights).

I measured the width and length of my window. Although the window looked like a perfect square, its length was actually slightly greater than the length, so I was happy I measured both separately.

Find the Perfect Blanket for Making a Skylight Cover

I went to a home store to look for a blanket that could function as a skylight cover. I wanted the blanket to fit three criteria:

1. The blanket had to be a little bigger than the measurements of my window.

2. The blanket had to be made of sturdy fabric that could block the sun but not all light. I still wanted some daylight to stream through my skylight cover.

3. The color of the blanket had to match my kitchen ceiling, so the skylight cover I made would blend in. At the same time, the color or fabric type had to be fade resistant. Clearly a red blanket would fade faster than a taupe one, for example.
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How to make a skylight cover
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