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12 Inventive
Curb Appeal Ideas

Curb Appeal is all about how your home looks from the street. It’s the view your neighbors see, and your first glimpse of home after an absence. Even so, Curb Appeal is less on homeowners’ minds than interior decorating.

This is why so many homes have a drab, unimaginative Curb Appeal that could be spruced up quite easily by following 12 cheap and easy tips.

For my home I built window boxes and placed silk flowers in them for eternal blooms. Then I added landscape edging in place of expensive metal wall decor, to fill in the bare wall between my narrow windows

So here they are, 12 curb appeal ideas for beautiful street appeal.

#1. Accent Color:

Curb Appeal is lessened when a home is painted a single color. Add an accent color to your deck, rail, stairs, or window frames. The more striking the accent color, the bigger the impact on the Curb Appeal. Although for people who prefer a less dramatic contrast, a subtle highlight is all that is needed.

#2. Window boxes:

Window boxes can add quaint beauty to the Curb Appeal of a home. Buy the window boxes ready-made at a local home improvement store, or spend less by building the boxes yourself. Paint the window boxes with an accent color to increase the Curb Appeal further. And plan for less upkeep by using silk flowers and ferns, which never have to be watered or replaced as the seasons change.

#3. Metal Decoration:

A metal sculpture hung on the face of a home will give its Curb Appeal a touch of whimsy. Inexpensive wire sculptures can be found in the garden section of most home improvement stores. Flowerbed miniature fences can cost even less and look quite pretty when hung in a line that creates a wrought iron pattern.

#4. Window Trim:

A simple frame around the windows will increase a home’s Curb Appeal considerably. 2x2 wood planks will cost less than ornate molding and look no less attractive. Simply nail the trim around your windows and paint it with an accent color.

#5. Rock River:

A home’s Curb Appeal can gain the added beauty of a river for far less than it would cost to install a fountain. Simply spread a line of white rocks like a stream flowing through the garden. Place a miniature bridge over the rock river to complete the illusion.

#6. Beware the Black Eye Curse:

One unusual window treatment inside a home can give the Curb Appeal the black eye curse. Drawn curtains and blinds affect the external color of a window. A home with a single white shutter in an otherwise dark array of windows will look far less attractive than a home with a uniform pattern.

#7. Your Front Door:

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