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Spice Up Kids Decor
With Chalkboard Paint

Encourage creativity in kids with a giant chalkboard and some educational decorating fun.

Kids decor can become an educational tool when combined with chalkboard paint. Studies have shown that kids first express themselves through painting, as they still lack words to formulate their thoughts and feelings. chalkboard paint can turn a whole wall into a canvas and so encourage such creativity.

This creative kids decor idea is easy to make, and with so many colorful chalks available on the market, a chalkboard can be just as fun as crayons or markers and just as educational. It's easy and cheap to paint a chalkboard on the wall, and kids are sure to enjoy the fun of decorating their own room, and changing the decor whenever they feel like it.

Step #1. Prep the Wall for Painting

Before you apply the chalkboard paint to the wall, you should make sure the wall is clean and smooth. Using a bucket of soapy water and a sponge, clean the wall and let it dry. If the wall is rough, you can sand it first. If the wall is bare drywall, or is made of wood, metal or plastic, you will want to apply a primer to the wall first.

Step #2. Tape Off the Surrounding Wall

Depending on your existing kids decor, decide how big an area you wish to cover in chalkboard paint. You’ll want to mark the wall with a pencil, but be sure to use a measuring tape to get even results all around.

Just measure from the floor for the bottom outline of the chalkboard, and from the ceiling for the top, then connect the dots. Finally, apply a wide strip of painter’s tape over the line, to protect the wall beyond. Remember to fit the height of the chalkboard to the kids who will be using it.

Step #3. Paint the Wall with Chalkboard Paint

With a brush or a roller apply the chalkboard paint. Depending on your existing kids decor you can choose whether to paint the chalkboard green or black. For extra durability, apply a second coat of chalkboard paint after four hours. Keep the room well ventilated as you work.

Step #4. Condition the Fresh Chalkboard Wall

Once the chalkboard paint is dry, condition the surface of the chalkboard by rubbing a piece of chalk over the entire painted surface, then erasing it. This will condition the chalkboard, making it easier for kids to enjoy this new addition to their room’s decor.

Step #5. Create a Fun Chalk Holder

Depending on your existing kids decor, choose a box for the chalk holder and hang it on the wall at a comfortable height for kids to reach. It’s best if the box has compartments for keeping the colors separate.

Alternatively, you can use a set of smaller boxes and hang them in a line, each with its own colors. Just be sure to buy non-toxic chalk, like Crayola chalk. And as for the eraser, to avoid having to hunt for it all the time, buy a long spiral cord (like a telephone cord) to attach the eraser permanently to the top of the chalkboard. Kids will be able to pull on the cord and use the eraser to reach all corners of the chalkboard.


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