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Add Fun to Kids Decor
With a Giant Magnetic Wall

Help Kids Learn with a Giant Magnetic Wall

The right paint job can turn kids decor into an educational tool. Magnetic paint can turn an ordinary wall into a magnetic board, which kids can use to play with magnetic letters, numbers and geometrical shapes. Studies have shown that kids learn best when lessons are tactile and fun. A Magnetic Board gives kids the opportunity to touch the letters that make up words, or move the numbers around which combine into mathematical equations.

This kids decor idea is as easy to create as applying paint, nor will it alter your overall decor, for the magnetic painted surface will look identical to your other walls. And that’s part of the magic of this magnetic board. Kids will be sticking magnets on a surface that looks like a boring old wall, but is actually covered in an invisible layer of magnetic paint.

Step #1. Prep Work

Before you apply the magnetic paint primer to the wall, you should make sure the wall is clean and smooth. Using a bucket of soapy water and a sponge, clean the wall and let it dry. If the wall is rough, you can sand it first.

Step #2. Tape Off

Depending on your existing kids decor, decide how big an area you wish to cover in magnetic paint primer. You’ll want to mark the wall with a pencil, but be sure to use a measuring tape to get even results all around.

Just measure from the floor for the bottom outline of the magnetic board, and from the ceiling for the top, then connect the dots. Finally, apply a wide strip of painter’s tape over the line, to protect the wall beyond. Remember to fit the height of the magnetic board to the kids who will be using it.

Step #3. Magnetic Paint

Before you start, mix the magnetic paint primer thoroughly until it is a smooth, dark gray. Continue mixing as you paint the wall with a thin layer of magnetic paint primer. Let the first coat dry for 30 minutes and apply a second coat. For best results, apply a total of three thin coats of the magnetic paint primer.

Step #4. Kids Decor Paint

After 4 to 5 hours the magnetic paint primer should be dry. Now, depending on your kids decor, apply a topcoat of latex paint in the color of your choice. You can match the other walls exactly, for a fun illusion of one magnetic wall, or highlight the magnetic board with a different color.

Step #5. Fun Magnets

Take the kids on a fun magnet shopping spree at your local toy store, or shop online by googling: Kids Magnets or visiting Toys R Us. Then, depending on your existing kids decor, choose a box to hold the magnets and hang it on the wall at a comfortable height for kids to reach. It’s best if the box has compartments for keeping the types of magnets separate. Alternatively, you can use a set of smaller boxes and hang them in a line.

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