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Create a Lattice
Wall Room Divider

A cheap and easy way to divide a room in two, without blocking out the sunlight!

Use a garden lattice to create a wall room divider

A Wall room divider came in handy when I had a small home with not enough rooms. With very little work, a wall room divider split my bedroom into one large master bedroom, and a small adjacent office.

Being fairly poor, I had no money for expensive wall room dividers, permanent or otherwise. I also needed a wall room divider that will let in light, or my master bedroom would have been plunged in darkness.

The solution was simple. I created a wall room divider from a garden lattice. My lattice wall room divider was made up of three lattices, hung in a row, with the last one hung on its side to create a doorway into the office beyond. It was an elegant wall dividing solution that cost very little and took less than 10 minutes to install.

This simple lattice wall room divider will work great in separating a kitchen from a family room, in an open floor plan. Or to separate a kitchen from a dining room and add elegance to both.

Here's What You'll Need to Build a Lattice Wall Room Divider:

Garden swag hooks (with toggles)
* Measuring tape
* Lattice
* Twist ties (if needed)

Here Are the Steps for Building Your Lattice Wall Room Divider:

Step #1: Measure

Measure the space for your lattice wall room divider. Measure from wall to wall at the top, middle and bottom for the width measurement and go with the smallest measurement, as your walls may not be 100% symmetrical. Then repeat for your length (height) measurement). Decide on who wide you want the doorway to be and make a note of the measurement.

Step #2: Lattice

At your local home improvement store buy the lattice to fit the measurement of your wall room divider, minus the space for the doorway. If the lattice is too large, avail yourself of the store's cutting service to cut the lattice down to size.

If the lattice isn't wide enough, buy another until you reach the measurement you need for the wall room divider width. If the lattice is too short, again buy another until you reach the wall room divider height required. Finally, rest a lattice on its side and have it cut to the width of your doorway, as it will hang overhead, framing the doorway with the wall room divider coming down only a foot or so from the ceiling,

Step #3: Hanging

Hold the lattice wall room divider flush with one wall and mark on the ceiling where the first swag hook should go, then mark the one for the end of the lattice. Hang the lattice and follow by hanging the one next to it until your wall room divider is complete, minus the doorway. Then add the doorway lattice on its side at the top, hanging from the ceiling about 1 to 3 feet down (depending on your ceiling height).

If the lattice isn't long enough to reach the floor, attach the second layer of lattice to the first using tie backs, metal rings, or elegant curtain tie-backs, depending on your preference.

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