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Paint your home in bold colors 

Paint Your Home with Bold Colors

Of all the decorating projects out there, painting your walls is probably the cheapest and most effective way of altering a room completely. In fact, the change never ceases to amaze me.

Four years ago, I faux painted my master bedroom in earthy orange hues. The room felt warm and enveloping, like a safe cave. Two years ago, I repainted the room in yellow. Suddenly my bedroom felt brighter, larger and fresher.

The important thing to remember when you paint your home with bold colors is this—no decorating project lasts forever. If you tire of your color choice in a year, you can always pay for two more cans of paint and redecorate your space within a few hours.

So to help you decide which color atmosphere fits your decorating goals and rooms, here’s what you should consider.

Blue Rooms

Of all the bold colors you might choose to paint your home with, blue is the coolest. No matter which shade of blue you will choose, you’ll impart a refreshing, watery feel to your home.

If you paint a dining nook in sky blue, the space will feel as bright as a summer’s morning. If you paint your basement in aquamarine blue, the room will feel awash with soothing light. Even a small toilet (without windows or sun) will feel bright and inviting if you paint it in periwinkle blue. But if you’re seeking a dramatic blue presence in a library or dining room, give navy blue a try.

Red Rooms

Red is the warmest color group in the spectrum. No matter which shade of red you will choose, you’ll impart a vibrant, smiling disposition to your home.

If you paint your kitchen in apple red, the space will seem sunny and inviting. If you paint your dining room in crimson it will appear dramatic. While, if you paint one accent wall in your living room with cinnamon red, the whole room will acquire a whimsical, vibrant ambiance. Even in your entryway, red can make a bold and beautiful statement, sending the message that in this home live people who are far from bland.

Orange and Yellow Rooms

Of the brighter colors you might choose to paint your home with, orange and yellow are the most whimsical and summery. Ideal for your kitchen, laundry room or play room, orange and yellow will brighten up these spots and give you something to smile about.

I still remember the yellow sunflower kitchen of my childhood; or the orange laundry room of my first apartment. It didn’t matter that the rooms were small and had few windows (the laundry room had none); painting my walls with bold colors gave these rooms a playful, bright spirit.

Green Rooms

Perhaps the most popular color of all is green. It seems to stand between the cool blues and the warm reds, embracing the vivacity of the oranges and yellows but taming it. Green is the color of nature. And to paint your home in green is to bring life into your rooms.

From sage, which looks stunning in a kitchen, to hunter green that graces dramatic areas like your entryway or library, green is a beautiful color to experiment with. I’ve never been disappointed by green in my home improvement projects.

Paint More Than Walls

Remember that you can paint window casings, the mantelpiece of your fireplace, even shelves or doors. Such bright highlights will add glamour to your home and compliment the rest of your decor. In fact, painting the wood trim in your home is a great way to add color to a room without having to paint all the walls.

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