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Ideas for Painting a Boy's Bedroom

Playful Painting Ideas for Boys Bedroom Decor

Painting a boy's bedroom is a delight. Plain white walls are okay, but character and theme make painting a boy's bedroom really fun. Something spunky, something sporty, something full of boyish charm.

And, of course, painting a boy's bedroom is a cheap way to get a boy's bedroom like no other.
So here's a bucketful of painting ideas to try when painting some lucky boy's bedroom.

Painting a Boy's Bedroom Out of This World

Create the feel of outer space on your boy's bedroom walls. Paint two opposing walls in lime green, the other two in navy blue. Then stick star and planet stickers on the walls, to create an outer space boy's bedroom decor. Hang space ship models from the ceiling using fishing fire, and stick glow-in-the-dark star stickers on the ceiling (reference: Glow in the dark kids decor ideas.)

Painting a Nascar Boy's Bedroom 

If your boy loves Nascar, bring the excitement home by painting his bedroom to match. Paint the lower half of your boy's bedroom wall in checkered black and white. Begin by painting the wall in white.

Once dry, tape printer paper to the wall to form a checkered look. Make sure to roll the tape under the paper, so none of it sticks out. Next, to ensure that you paint your boy's bedroom in perfect checkers, cut long strips of painter's tape and secure the checkered pattern along the edges, both horizontally and vertically.

Now paint your boy's bedroom wall with black spray paint. Finally, add pizzazz to your boy's bedroom by painting the top portion of the wall in his favorite shade of blue. Paint the number of his favorite Nascar driver over his bed and hang checkered Nascar flags or car stickers on the walls.

Painting a Surfer Boy's Bedroom

Bring the summer into your boy's bedroom all year round. Paint each wall in a different shade of blue. Then hang cheap surf boards from the ceiling. Cut clouds out of cardboard paper and use spray glue to stick them to the walls. Take an old surf board and spray paint your boy's name at the center, then hang over his bed. Use palm tree curtains and ocean bedding.

Painting a Fantasy Boy's Bedroom

Paint the accent wall of your boy's bedroom in deep purple, then use metal spray paint to draw a road made of two parallel yet curving lines that draw near and nearer until they finally meet.

Fill in the space between the lines to highlight the road. Then hang a short silver curtain over the wall to conceal the meeting of the lines.

Enhance the fantasy boy's bedroom look by elevating furniture on clear plastic bins, as if its hovering in midair. Add lava lamps and electricity globes.

Painting a Bicycle Boy's Bedroom

Paint your boy's bedroom in earth tones, then paint a trail on the accent wall by drawing two parallel yet curving lines that draw nearer and nearer until they meet high on the wall. Add bicycle wall stickers along the trail (like BMX bike stickers). Hang bicycle helmets from the ceiling, and park a bicycle in the corner.

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