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How to Sew Ottoman Slipcovers
When I decorated my living with slipcovers, I realized that ottoman slipcovers present a serious problem, unless you’re willing to sew your own. Sofa slipcovers can usually be found in loveseat size and chair sizes. But ottoman slipcovers are not available as part of the set.

The ottoman slipcovers I did find online came in two types: cheap ottoman slipcovers in ugly fabrics and designs that consist of elastic waists and an ill-fitting skit; or expensive ottoman slipcovers that fit perfectly but cost several hundred dollars.

I decided to sew a matching ottoman slipcover for my living room. I bought an extra loveseat slipcover, because it was on sale and was cheaper than the sofa slipcover. I then cut it and sewed two ottoman slipcovers in less than two hours. Here’s how I did it.

Step #1.

Lay the loveseat slipcover over the ottoman so one side of the skirt sits perfectly in place. In other words, when you look at the slipcover from one side only, it looks as if it is actually an ottoman slipcover.
Step #2.

Begin cutting away the skirt at the point where it no longer sits on the ottoman where it should. Cut only the skirt, so as not to waste the other fabric. Cut enough skirt to wrap around the ottoman on the remaining three sides that have no skirt yet. 

Step #3.

Complete cutting around the top of the ottoman, except where the skirt fits perfectly. You should end up with the ottoman slipcover over the top and draping a little on the three remaining sides. Ignore the slipcover tie-backs at this point, as you can later decide if you want to keep them or not.  

Step #4.

At this point your ottoman slipcover should look like an L shape, with the short bottom of the L made of the top of the ottoman slipcover, which needs finishing on three sides, while the fourth is already fitted with the completed skirt. And the long side of the L shape, which is formed of the long, unfinished skirt. Lay the ottoman slipcover on the floor and straighten your cuts as necessary.

Step #5.

If any elastic from the original loveseat slipcover remains attached to the ottoman slipcover, it’s a good idea to remove it. The elastic will create an uneven look, bunching the fabric out of place.

Step #6.
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