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Ideas for decorating with sheer curtains
Ideas for Decorating
With Sheer Curtains

Why not decorate your whole home with sheer curtains? Not just your windows?

Sheer curtains remind me of summer afternoons in my childhood. Sunburnt from playing on the beach all morning, my brother, sister and I would spend the hottest part of the day indoors.

With a soft breeze blowing through the sheer-curtained windows and two rotating fans humming and blowing air in our faces, we’d play make-believe games on the cold floor. My favorite sheer curtains decorating ideas encapsulate that feeling and beauty.

Sheer Curtain Decorating Ideas for Windows

The easiest way to decorate your windows with sheer curtains is to buy a stunning see-through fabric and hang it from the valance of your blinds.

If you don’t have blinds, use cheap screw hooks found in home improvement stores to hang the sheer curtain just over your window. You can hem the fabric with a no-sewing hemming tape, or glue a fringe tassel all around it.

Sheer Curtain Decorating Ideas for Beds

To decorate beds with sheer curtains drive a swag hook into the ceiling over the bed, very near the wall. Fold your sheer curtain in half and hang it from the swag hook.

Add two swag hooks on the wall to the right and left of the bed and catch the curtain with them. You can buy two sheer curtains and sew them together to make this sheer curtain bed canopy. Or you can buy enough see-through fabric and hem it as described above.

Sheer Curtain Decorating Ideas for Dining Rooms

Sheer curtain decorating idea can add dramatic beauty to your dining room. If your dining room opens to your living room or kitchen, suspend a sheer curtain in the opening. If the passage is relatively small, suspend the sheer curtain from a curtain pole. Otherwise, use swag hooks or screw hooks at 2 inch intervals. Festoon the curtains on the side with curtain tie-backs.

Sheer Curtain Decorating Ideas for Passageways

In the same way that you decorated your dining room entry with sheer curtains, you can decorate an entrance to a corridor, or the entryway between your foyer and the rest of the house.

Sheer Curtain Decorating Ideas for Walls

Add dramatic beauty to your living room, dining room or bedroom by hanging a sheer curtain from a curtain pole attached over a blank wall. Display a mirror between the curtain sides, a painting or a wall mural.

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