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Living Room Before-Picture Living Room After-Picture
The Story Behind
Inventive Home Improvement

The story of this home improvement website began five years ago. Back then, I was blissfully free of all home improvement madness. But all that was about to change, because five years ago I bought a dilapidated old house.

There were holes in the deck, a leaky roof, ugly popcorn ceilings and hideous brown doors. 1970's light fixtures hovered over the living room like flying saucers, and everything looked out-of-date. With little money in the piggy bank, I began fixing my new-old home myself.

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Basement remodel "before" picture
My basement with an ugly carpet, soot-covered fireplace, ugly dark furniture and popcorn ceilings. There were also ugly neon lights, which I removed already.
Basement remodel "after" picture
My basement after the fireplace remodel, popcorn ceiling removal, two-toned wall painting, slipcover makeover for the furniture and a Berber carpet installation.
One day I was a plumber, the next a carpenter, then an electrician, a painter, a wrecking crew and a gardener. My home was slowly transformed, every room teaching me new lessons about home improvement.

I discovered a simple way to remove popcorn ceilings and a painted illusion that could make low ceilings look higher.
I discovered a cheap way to make my old kitchen look like a Tuscan dream, and how to install molding and door casings all through my house.
Entryway remodel before-picture
No amount of grout cleaning and tile refurbishing could make my old entryway floor look new.
Entryway remodel after-picture
My entryway after I replaced the worn banister and brought workmen in to replace the floors.
Having little money was a great incentive to discover ways to make old things look like new, rather than throw them away. I'd like to share these fun home improvement ideas in this website, so other homeowners can turn their old houses into their dream homes.

I hope you enjoy the inventive home improvement ideas you find here. I'd love to hear what you think (drop me a line). So set your imagination free and make your home the perfect place you wish it to be. I did it, and so can you!
Christmas home decorating 
My furniture slipcovers makeover.

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