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Basement Remodeling, Decorating,
Other Home Maintenance Ideas

   Fireplace Makeover Ideas
Remodel Your Old Fireplace with Painted Illusions 

Remodel your old fireplace with painted illusions for a cheap and easy fireplace remodel anyone can do
Basement floor molding installation Basement Floor Molding Installation Ideas

Simple solution for installing basement floor molding over carpet and concrete foundation.
How I painted a fake brick floor How I Painted a Faux Brick Floor

Using three colors of garage floor paint, you can paint a faux brick floor on your driveway, porch or anywhere in your home (even on walls).
Budget home decorating with a sea sponge Budget Home Improvement with a Sea Sponge

Instead of spending a fortune replacing my kitchen, fireplace or bathtub, I gave them a facelift using nothing more than a sea sponge and paint.
Playful basement decorating ideas Playful Basement Decorating Ideas

Discover how playful basement decorating ideas can turn your basement into your favorite room.
how to touch up paint when you don't have the same color Touch Up Your House without Matching Paint

How to do paint touch ups when you don't have a paint color that matches your house paint.
How to paint a dark wall with a lighter shade How to Paint a Dark Wall with a Lighter Shade

To paint a dark wall with a lighter shade without having to paint three or four coats use this simple painting technique.
Preparing a room for painting Preparing a Room for Painting

If you take the time to prepare a room for painting, your paint job will come out looking professional and clean-up will be a breeze.
The Art of Choosing & Hanging Linen Wallpaper

Learn how to choose linen wallpaper (also known as cloth wallpaper or canvas wallpaper), and how to hang it for an elegant home decorating makeover.
Easiest faux painting technique in the world Easiest Faux Painting Technique in the World

Use a sea sponge to faux paint walls, furniture, cabinets and so much more by blending three shades as you work.
Tips for oganizing your garage Tips for Organizing Your Garage

10 tips for organizing your garage by making the most of every space. Use peg boards, shelf brackets, iron shelving, adjustable hanging shelves and other ideas.
Laundry room organization for small spaces Laundry Room Organization for Small Spaces

Organize a small laundry room using old kitchen cabinets, cheap shelves and folding doors that will hide the laundry room mess.
Budget home decorating with decorative foam Budget Home Decorating with Decorative Foam

I recently discovered a cheap way to add crown molding or a stone wall to my home, by using decorative foam instead of wood, stucco or stone.
building walk-in closet Building a Walk-in closet

If you have the space, building a walk-in closet is relatively easy and cheap.
How crawl space dos and don'ts Home Crawl Space Dos & Don'ts

From dealing with critters to crawl space insulation and improperly installed bathroom vents, these important crawl space dos and don'ts will teach you have to take the best care of your attic.
More Home Inspiration
Make a lattice wall room divider Create a Lattice Wall Room Divider

Using a garden lattice, create a graceful wall divider that lets in sunlight.
Enchanting bedroom makeover 5 Step Enchanting Bedroom Makeover

Simple bedroom makeover on the cheap and in only 5 simple steps.
How to build a bed canopy How to Build A Bed Canopy

Discover simple ways to decorate your bedroom with a homemade bed canopy.
How to brighten a dark room How to Brighten Dark Rooms

Multiply the effect of lights and lighten your color palette in many ways to brighten all your dark rooms.
How to make enchanting decorative pillows How to Make Enchanting Decorative Pillows

Ideas for making enchanting decorative pillows with tassels.
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