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Bedroom Remodeling &
Decorating Ideas
Grown Up Bedrooms

Bedroom Relaxation Makeover
Bedroom decorating ideas for
calming your senses with your decor.
How to build a chic cheap closet How to Build a Chic Cheap Closet

Build a cheap chic closet by removing your old-fashioned doors and shelves and filling the space with stylish order.
Decorating a guest bedroom for free Decorating a Guest Bedroom for Free

For those of you who love to store stuff and never throw anything away, here’s an opportunity to decorate for free by putting these old things to new and better use.
Cool summer bedroom makeover Cool Summer Bedroom Decorating Ideas

With inexpensive decorating ideas you can give your home a cool summer bedroom makeover.
Warm bedroom makeover with paint Warm Bedroom Makeover with Paint

With a few buckets of paint you can give a drab, worn bedroom a stunning makeover from floor to ceiling.
Easy blue bedroom decorating ideas Easy Blue Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Discover beautiful, affordable ways to decorate a blue bedroom. So why not turn your current bedroom into a soothing blue bedroom?
Make a lattice wall room divider Create a Lattice Wall Room Divider

Using a garden lattice, create a graceful wall divider that lets in sunlight.
How I repaired my adjustable bed How I Repaired My Adjustable Bed

Since the manufacturer subsidizes replacement parts, you can change the motor and massagers for under $130.
How to fix up old closet doors How to Give Old Closet Doors a Facelift

After replacing the old hardware, I built a frame around my old closet doors then painted everything in white for a new, modern look.
Enchanting bedroom makeover 5 Step Enchanting Bedroom Makeover

Simple bedroom makeover on the cheap and in only 5 simple steps.
How to build a bed canopy How to Build A Bed Canopy

Discover simple ways to decorate your bedroom with a homemade bed canopy.
How to choose an electric fireplace How to Choose the Right Electric Fireplace

Learn how to choose the right electrical fireplace for beauty and comfort.
How to make milk paint How to Make Milk Paint (Non Toxic)

Milk paint is non-toxic and you can make it at home yourself, a perfect idea for all your crafts.
How to brighten a dark room How to Brighten Dark Rooms

Multiply the effect of lights and lighten your color palette in many ways to brighten all your dark rooms.
How to make enchanting decorative pillows How to Make Enchanting Decorative Pillows

Ideas for making enchanting decorative pillows with tassels.
Sheer curtain decorating ideas Sheer Curtain Decorating Ideas

Ideas for decorating your entire home with sheer curtains, not just your windows.
Preparing a room for painting Preparing a Room for Painting

If you take the time to prepare a room for painting, your paint job will come out looking professional and clean-up will be a breeze.
How to paint a dark wall with a lighter shade How to Paint a Dark Wall with a Lighter Shade

To paint a dark wall with a lighter shade without having to paint three or four coats use this simple painting technique.
Kids' Bedrooms
Bedroom decorating for girls
Bedroom Decorating Ideas
For Girls Who Like To Sew
Kids decorating with glow-in-the-dark stars Far-Out Kids Decorating with Glow-in-the-Dark-Stars

Kids will go to sleep wishing on a star if you decorate their bedrooms with glow in the dark star stickers glued to the ceiling.
Boy's bedroom decorating ideas Ideas for Painting a Boy's Bedroom

Unique ways of painting a boy's bedroom will give it character, from fantasy rooms or Nascar, surfing, cycling and out of this world boy's bedrooms.
Spice up kids decor with a chalkboard wall Spice Up Kids Decor with A Giant Chalkboard Wall

Spice up kids decor with chalkboard paint by turning one wall into a giant chalkboard creativity center
Kids decor with magnetic paint Kids Decor with a Giant Magnetic Wall

Add creative fun to kids decor by painting one wall with magnetic paint and adding letter and number magnets.
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