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Entryway Decorating
and Remodeling Ideas
Entryway chandelier remodeling ideas

Simple Entryway Lighting Makeover

Discover simple ways to decorate your old entryway light fixtures. The makeover will change your old lights completely and decorate your entryway from above.
Enchanting entryway remodeling ideas Enchanting Entryway Remodeling Ideas

Discover enchanting ways to add beauty to your home's entryway with simple home remodeling and entryway decorating. And see my before-and-after pictures.
How to dry roses for home decorating How to Dry Roses for Home Decorating

How to dry roses for pastoral, charming home decorating that will give your entryway a breath of the outdoors.
How to make a cheap skylight cover How to Make a Skylight Cover

Using a sturdy blanket, curtain clip-on rings and screw hooks, I made a cheap skylight cover that matches my ceiling.
sheer curtains decorating ideas Decorating with Sheer Curtains

Ideas for decorating your entire home with sheer curtains--and not just your windows.
How to make a Victorian Chanderlier Candelabtra How to Make a Victorian Chandelier Candelabra

Decorate your entryway with a Victorian candelabra made from glass beads and copper craft wire.
Blissful home aroma ideas Blissful Home Aroma Ideas

Fill your home with a blissful, inviting aroma without using candles.
  Door Knocker Decorating Ideas 

Discover different types of door knockers and how they can decorate your front door with a personal statement.
Front Door Decorating Ideas

Discover simple, easy ways to make your front door more beautiful without spending a fortune.
More Home Inspiration
Old door makeover How to Make Old Doors Look Like New Doors

How to make old doors look new by building door panels for them, then painting the everything in semi-gloss white to imitate the look of a new door.
How to Paint Cabinet Doors with A Tuscan Motif

Use a sea sponge to faux paint your old cabinet doors. Next, add reddish streaks that imitate a rusty patina. This simple painting technique will give your old doors a chic country style.
Playful basement decorating ideas Playful Basement Decorating Ideas

Discover how playful basement decorating ideas can turn your basement into your favorite room.
10 Soothing Bathroom Decorating Ideas 

Discover how simple little decorating tips can turn your bathroom into a soothing spa.
Dining room furniture placement ideas Dining Room Furniture Placement Ideas

Decorate your dining room by changing your usual dining room furniture placement into a diagonal one.
How to make enchanting decorative pillows How to Make Enchanting Decorative Pillows

Ideas for making enchanting decorative pillows with tassels.
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