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Beautiful Garden
Landscaping Ideas
Affordable backyard landscaping ideas
6 Affordable Backyard Landscaping Ideas 

Landscaping ideas to add beauty and charm to your backyard garden.
Summer garden landscaping ideas Summer Garden Landscaping Ideas

Before-and-After summer garden makeover with pictures. Watch this mulch garden unfold!
How I painted a fake brick floor How I Painted a Faux Brick Floor

Using three colors of garage floor paint, you can paint a faux brick floor on your driveway, porch or anywhere in your home (even on walls).
4 fun porch decorating ideas 4 Fun Porch Decorating Ideas

Add a little whimsy to your porch, but stay true to a color theme to give it a unified, fun appeal.
How to enclose your porch with a gate  How to Build a Front Porch Gate

I wanted to enclose my small front porch with a gate. This would give my front porch a quaint appeal and make the space safe for kids and pets.
How to create an affordable rose garden Create Your Own Affordable Rose Garden

Charming ideas for planting an affordable rose garden. How big or small you make your garden is up to you, but your rose garden retreat is sure to be a cherished spot.
How to treat fungus spots, black spots on roses How to Treat Fungus Spots on Roses

Learn how to treat and prevent fungus spots on roses, also known as black spots. Otherwise, those black spots will spoil your beautiful rose bush completely.
How to dry roses for home decorating How to Dry Roses for Home Decorating

How to dry roses for pastoral, charming home decorating that will give your entryway a breath of the outdoors.
Garden Landscape Ideas with Recycled Items Turn Junk into Garden Landscaping

Turn your junk into enchanting garden landscaping, from a toilet herb farm to a tire terraced-garden for rocky terrain. Garden landscaping meets recycling in unexpected ways
How to make a compost bin with year-round compost How to Make A Compost Bin with Year-Round Compost

Instructions for making a compost bin that can be used year round to make compost
Resin sculpture: dramatic decorating ideas Resin Sculpture: Dramatic Decorating Ideas

Fiberglass resin sculptures look like real marble and brass but weigh a fraction and cost far less, offering home owners a stunning, affordable way to decorate their home and garden.
Front Door Decorating Ideas

Discover simple, easy ways to make your front door more beautiful without spending a fortune.
More Home Inspiration
  Door Knocker Decorating Ideas 

Discover different types of door knockers and how they can decorate your front door with a personal statement.
Old door makeover How to Make Old Doors Look Like New Doors

How to make old doors look new by building door panels for them, then painting the everything in semi-gloss white to imitate the look of a new door.
Enchanting entryway remodeling ideas Enchanting Entryway Remodeling Ideas

Discover enchanting ways to add beauty to your home's entryway with simple home remodeling and entryway decorating. And see my before-and-after pictures.
Blissful home aroma ideas Blissful Home Aroma Ideas

Fill your home with a blissful, inviting aroma without using candles.
Playful basement decorating ideas Playful Basement Decorating Ideas

Discover how playful basement decorating ideas can turn your basement into your favorite room.
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