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Kitchen Decorating Ideas
And Makeover Inspiration
Create tuscan painted kitchen cabinets
How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets with A Tuscan Motif

Discover how to use a simple faux painting technique to turn ugly old kitchen cabinets into beautiful Tuscan painted kitchen cabinets. Here's the simple technique I used.
refurbish old kitchen hardware with paint Paint Your Old Kitchen Hardware

Discover how to refurbish old kitchen hardware with metallic paint that turns old hardware into new hardware.
How to make charming kitchen decor How to Make Charming Kitchen Decor

Turn cheap craft store frames into charming kitchen decor that costs hardly anything.
Colorful table setting ideas Colorful Table Setting Ideas

Without crowding your table, you can fill it with color before every meal.
Create a dining nook from unwanted furniture Create a Dining Nook from Unwanted Furniture

How I created two different di
ning nooks, once from a picnic table and once from a garage sale table.
How to make a cheap skylight cover How to Make a Skylight Cover

Using a sturdy blanket, curtain clip-on rings and screw hooks, I made a cheap skylight cover that matches my kitchen ceiling.
Don't remove old wallpaper--paint over it! Don't Remove Old Wallpaper--Paint Over It!

Instead of the messy job of removing wallpaper, simply peel off the top layer, then paint over the paper still stuck to the wall. You'll end up with a cloth-wallpaper-effect.
Budget home decorating with a sea sponge Budget Home Improvement with a Sea Sponge

Instead of spending a fortune replacing my kitchen, fireplace or bathtub, I gave them a facelift using nothing more than a sea sponge and paint.
how to turn an old fridge into a stainless steel fridge How to Turn An Old Fridge into a Stainless Steel Fridge

How to paint an old fridge or old appliances with stainless steel paint for a modern, sleek look. Just follow this step-by-step tutorial.
how to build illuminated kitchen cabinet organizers How to Build Illuminated Kitchen Cabinet Organizers

Learn how to build a kitchen cabinet organizer with motion activated light.
Build a kitchen wall spice rack Build a Kitchen Wall Spice Rack

Discover how to build a simple kitchen wall spice rack for easy access of your spices while you're cooking.
Make an illuminated, sliding shelf for kitchen cabinets Make An Illuminated, Sliding Shelf for Kitchen Cabinets

Sick of the mess in your drawers and cabinets? Here's how to build a sliding kitchen cabinet shelf for organizing your kitchen.
How to build cabinet shelves and closet shelves Build Cabinet Shelves & Closet Shelves

Learn how to build illuminated cabinet shelves(or closet shelves) using shelf pin holes and angle shelf supports. It sounds complicated, but it really isn't.
Preparing your home for emergencies Preparing Your Home for Emergencies

Follow these expert-recommended steps to prepare your home for bad-weather power outages and no water or food.
More Home Inspiration
5 decorative chalkboard ideas Create Decorative Chalkboards for Different Rooms

Make 5 decorative chalkboards for your kitchen, home office, dining room, toilets and entryway--each one more charming than the next.
Vintage style home decorating Create Vintage Style Home Decorating

Discover the enchantment of Vintage style decorating where your home becomes a link to the past and its family traditions.
Enchanting entryway remodeling ideas Enchanting Entryway Remodeling Ideas

Discover enchanting ways to add beauty to your home's entryway with simple home remodeling and entryway decorating. And see my before-and-after pictures.
12 Curb Appeal Ideas for Your Home

Front yard landscaping ideas to add beauty and value to your home and curb appeal.
Playful basement decorating ideas Playful Basement Decorating Ideas

Discover how playful basement decorating ideas can turn your basement into your favorite room.
How to make a Victorian Candelabra How to Make A Victorian Candelabra

How to Make a Victorian candelabra from glass beads and copper craft wire.
Old door makeover How to Make Old Doors Look Like New Doors

How to make old doors look new by building door panels for them, then painting the everything in semi-gloss white to imitate the look of a new door.
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