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Living Room Decorating Ideas
And Makeover Inspiration
Small Living Room Decorating Ideas
Small Living Room Decorating Ideas

No matter how limited a space you have, you can decorate your living room to feel spacious and stylish.
Home decorating with color How Furniture Color Affects Your Living Room Decor

Discover how decorating your living room furniture with the right color can change your living room decor completely.
Decorate your living room with simple elegance Decorate Your Living Room with Simple Elegance

Discover the principals of decorating your living room with simple elegance, from what to add to your decor to what you should subtract.
Soothing Living Room Makeover Soothing Living Room Makeover Ideas 

With a few simple touches you can add a soothing ambiance to your living room decor.
My living room makeover A Small Living Room Makeover

With a slipcover and a little paint, I redecorated my living room corner completely, and the rest of the room now looks beautiful too.
Merge your large screen television with your living room decor Ways to Hide Your Large Screen TV

Discover beautiful ways to merge your large screen television with your living room decor.
Decorating with bright colors  Decorating with Bright Colors 

Bright color decorating is perfect for spring and summer. See the before and after pictures of a single room decorated in white but soon decorated again with bright colors.
Decorate a modern living room Decorate a Modern Living Room

Discover inspiration for decorating a modern living room in your home.
Living room makeover with slipcovers Living Room Makeover with Slipcovers

My living room slipcovers makeover from ugly and worn furniture to charming country decor--and all on a budget! See the before-and-after pictures.
How to sew ottoman slipcovers How to Sew Ottoman Slipcovers

Here's how to sew matching ottoman slipcovers for your living room sofa or armchair. It's less expensive than store-bought ottoman slipcovers, and you can make an exact match to the slipcovers on your furniture.
Living room decorating styles Living Room Decorating Styles

From color to atmosphere and texture, see how different living room decorating styles can change your living room completely.
White furniture decorating Home Decorating with Upholstery Fabrics

Take a look at home decorating ideas with different upholstery fabrics. Sometimes fabric can make all the difference!
Old fireplace remodel Remodel Your Old Fireplace with Painted Illusions

Remodel your old fireplace with painted illusions. This cheap and easy fireplace remodel is stunning yet simple to make. And since much of the makeover is done with paint, it doesn't even cost a fortune.
How to remove carpet dents How to Remove Carpet Dents Caused by Furniture

There are two ways to remove carpet dents caused by furniture, depending on your type of carpet. Here's the way to treat both synthetic and natural carpets.
same color decorating Same-Color Decorating: Home Decorating with Analogous Colors

Learn how to decorate your home with gradient colors in the same color group, known as analogous colors. Then you can decorate soothing rooms that envelope you in a single color but with a thousand shades.
How to make decorative pillows How to Make Enchanting Decorative Pillows

Ideas for making enchanting decorative pillows with tassels. Discover how you can sew the pillowcases and decorate them with different ideas. It's a cheap way to add decorative pillows to your decor.
Resin sculpture: dramatic decorating ideas Resin Sculpture: Dramatic Decorating Ideas

Fiberglass resin sculptures look like real marble and brass but weigh a fraction and cost far less, offering home owners a stunning, affordable way to decorate their home and garden.
Sheer curtain decorating ideas Sheer Curtain Decorating Ideas

Ideas for decorating your entire home with sheer curtains, not just your windows.
How to make a Victorian Candelabra How to Make A Victorian Candelabra

How to Make a Victorian candelabra from glass beads and copper craft wire.
how to paint a lighter shade over a dark wall How to Paint a Dark Wall with a Lighter Shade

To paint a dark wall with a lighter shade without having to paint three or four coats use this simple painting technique.
The Art of Choosing & Hanging Linen Wallpaper

Learn how to choose linen wallpaper (also known as cloth wallpaper or canvas wallpaper), and how to hang it for an elegant home decorating makeover.
More Home Inspiration
How to make a compost bin with year-round compost How to Make A Compost Bin with Year-Round Compost

Instructions for making a compost bin that can be used year round to make compost
Enchanting bedroom makeover 5 Step Enchanting Bedroom Makeover

Simple bedroom makeover on the cheap and in only 5 simple steps.
How to dry roses for home decorating How to Dry Roses for Home Decorating

How to dry roses for pastoral, charming home decorating that will give your entryway a breath of the outdoors.
Vintage style home decorating Create Vintage Style Home Decorating

Discover the enchantment of Vintage style decorating where your home becomes a link to the past and its family traditions.
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