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How to build a cube bookcase
How to Build a Cube Bookcase

Here's how to build a cube bookcase (37x37x11) using dowels and screws for a sturdy cube bookcase with a modern chic appeal.
How to build a shoe rack How to Build a Shoe Rack

A super simple shoe rack that you can build in around 10 minutes, using 2x4 lumber.
Building a walk-in closet Building a Walk-in closet

If you have the space, building a walk-in closet is relatively easy and cheap.
How to enclose your porch with a gate  How to Build a Front Porch Gate

I wanted to enclose my small front porch with a gate. This would give my front porch a quaint appeal and make the space safe for kids and pets.
Refurbish an Old Deck Refurbishing My Old Deck

Here's how to refurbish an old deck with new wood, wood putty, priming and painting. See my before-and-after pictures.
How to fix up old closet doors How to Give Old Closet Doors a Facelift

After replacing the old hardware, I built a frame around my old closet doors then painted everything in white for a new, modern look.
How to build a work table How to Build a Heavy Duty Work Table

Free woodworking tutorial on how to build a heavy duty work table for your workshop or craft room.
Basement Floor Molding Installation

Here's a simple solution for installing basement floor molding over carpet and concrete foundation. And to make it more beautiful, I used a double-molding approach. I'll let the picture do the talking...
How to build a modern wood bookcase How to Build a Modern Wood Bookcase

Simple woodworking project for building a modern wood bookcase that looks store-bought. I love this bookcase because it is big enough to hold all my favorite books.
How to buld an elegant coffee table How to Build an Elegant Coffee Table

Simple woodworking tutorial on how to build an elegant coffee table for your living room.
How to build pin-hole shelves Build Simple Cabinet Shelves & Closet shelves

Learn how to build illuminated cabinet shelves (or closet shelves) using shelf pin holes and angle shelf supports. It's super easy.
Make a lattice wall room divider Create a Lattice Wall Room Divider

Using a garden lattice, create a graceful wall divider that lets in sunlight.
How to build a folding laundry cart Building a Folding Laundry Cart with Wheels

Simple woodworking tutorial with bamboo poles for building a folding laundry cart with wheels.
How to build a bed canopy How to Build A Bed Canopy

Discover simple ways to decorate your bedroom with a homemade bed canopy.
More Home Inspiration
Tips for oganizing your garage Tips for Organizing Your Garage

10 tips for organizing your garage by making the most of every space. Use peg boards, shelf brackets, iron shelving, adjustable hanging shelves and other ideas.
Laundry room organization for small spaces Laundry Room Organization for Small Spaces

Organize a small laundry room using old kitchen cabinets, cheap shelves and folding doors that will hide the laundry room mess.
How crawl space dos and don'ts Home Crawl Space Dos & Don'ts

From dealing with critters to crawl space insulation and improperly installed bathroom vents, these important crawl space dos and don'ts will teach you have to take the best care of your attic.
How to Create a Faux Window with Imitation Sunlight

Learn how to make a fake window that seems to have a view and fake sunlight.
Remove popcorn ceilings with paint instead of water Easiest Way to Remove a Popcorn Ceiling

Remove popcorn ceilings with paint instead of water, for popcorn ceiling removal in half the time with half the mess.
How to brighten a dark room How to Brighten Dark Rooms

Multiply the effect of lights and lighten your color palette in many ways to brighten all your dark rooms.
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